Healing in Vietnam part 2

Morning Glory, green papaya salad, fresh rolls with shrimp, peanut sauce…and smiles. LOTS and lots of smiles It is rather challenging NOT to love a place that is so welcoming, ...


Healing in Vietnam Part One

We needed a break – a break from it all. From work, from the sand, from the desert, from our lives, from everything. Months earlier we decided that we were ...

Adventures around the world

Love for Boston

My husband and I met at MIT. He was a graduate students while I worked in the upper administration. In Cambridge he saved my life. In Boston’s South End he proposed. And we got married at a hotel in Beacon Hill overlooking the Charles River. We have laughed, cried, yelled, and screamed in the city […]

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Imagining India

India… what can one possibly say about India that has not already been said, whispered, yelled, screamed,cried, or put into a Bollywood production? It is loud and in your face. The air clings to you and holds on with a grip that will not let go. The noise vibrates deep inside your head for days […]

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falcon boys two

Morning Showers

There are those days when it all seems to start coming together. It is remarkable really when it happens. Maybe it takes place over weeks, months, or even years. But then suddenly on a single day – even a moment of that day – it seems to make sense. For me it was a rainy […]

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funeral pyre

Stepping in

We were told about Pashnupatinath well before we boarded our plane for Kathmandu. A good friend sent us a long list of everything that we needed to see in Kathmandu. We only had two days to explore, but he told us not to worry. We would be able to see quite a bit. The list […]

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prayer flags

Colors of Kathmandu

Traveling. It is one of the things that is so wonderful about living in the UAE. We suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a whole new world. Places that seemed like remote possibilities or not even possible are suddenly within reach. Asia and Africa are places we can almost reach are arms out to […]

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Falling into winter

The fog is rolling in. That means the seasons are changing in the UAE. It is going from the sweltering summer heat to the cooler days and nights of winter. The other seasons – fall and spring? They do not really happen here. There is summer, there is winter, and there is very little in […]

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cheese cake copy

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

There is something intensely comforting about baking the things I did in Boston right here, in Abu Dhabi. Sometimes finding all of the right ingredients poses a bit of a challenge (I have yet to find buttermilk, but Laban is a good substitute) however I let these challenges take my cooking and baking in a […]

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Shutting it all down

I thought about it, really I did. I thought about shutting down this blog and my other one. After a summer from hell, I had almost no desire to write anymore. I cared little about anything. But slowly things started changing, and getting back to my kind of normal. That means cooking, writing, laughing, and […]

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Boozed Up Citrus Cornmeal Cake

I know – maybe the name of the cake should be a bit more refined… but really, that is exactly what kind of cake I made. It is adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Orange Cornmeal Cake, which I made for my husband several years ago. Since I first made that cake he has talked about it […]

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Farm Stands

We are about to travel to the East Coast – to New England. To rivers and streams, to intermittent thunder storms. To rolling fields of green and the smell of fresh cut grass. And maybe, if we are really lucky we will find some road side farms stands where we can buy our dinner…

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