Have toddler…will travel with benefits

Summer has passed too quickly. No, technically it isn’t over yet, but I work in academics, and as soon as the students start coming back to campus that sign summer is coming to an end right now.

That being said the heat is at times overwhelming and the humidity is heavy and often feels like an extra weight pushing you down. But summer is over. The holiday, which we were all very much looking forward to, has come to and end. Holidays are incredibly different since we now travel with a kid. A great kid, but the days of sleeping in and aimlessly wandering around cities with no plan or really no worries are gone. Before we had a child we traveled a lot – Morocco, Zanzibar, Spain, France, England, Oman, Tanzania, Qatar, Cambodia, India, Vietnam – and these were only the trips we took together. We have each traveled to many places on our own. Each and every trip brought with it a new sense of adventure and renewal of everything that we love about being with each other and life in general. Travel is a passion of ours, and moving to the Middle East has only increased our desire to travel even more. But with a kid? Well, things change a bit.

My husband and I did not want to give up what we love so much and what is very much one of our passions upon having a child. We had both heard the horror stories (who hasn’t) about traveling with a child, and I think anyone who has traveled anywhere has experienced that one (or more) child who cries and screams and yells throughout a transatlantic flight or who kids the back of your seat.

Yup, traveling with a baby/toddler/child. It is different. Packing is different. Going to the bathroom is different… but it is wonderfully different. Sure, we might have to put a few places on hold for a while since it would probably not be the best idea to even attempt to take a 2 1/2 yr old to The Tiger’s Nest or trekking to see the gorillas in Rwanda, but there are plenty of places to go. You see life differently. Getting caught in the rain is an incredible adventure (even more so since she never sees rain) and it like travel with benefits.


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