Joy in Jaipur Part 3

Dazed, confused, overwhelmed, and exhausted. No, I am not talking about the bride. I am talking about us. Late nights and entirely too much to see and take in led to an immediate sensory overload for us all. I kept thinking to myself – if this is how I feel I cannot begin to imagine how the bride feels.

There were moments in between the wedding events when we managed to see a bit of the city and take in some of the sites. We were given a puppet show along with a song and the musical instruments to pull everything together…

We went to the tops of hills, took in deep breaths, and looked down onto the city in its entirety…

and even the littlest of faces looked out onto the world and decided that India was full of wonder…

But perhaps the single most magical part of all was the elephant. We were told there was going to be an elephant at the wedding. Our 2 year old daughter had been waiting with anticipation for the elephant, and there is was in all its amazing glory – the elephant. Covered in red and gold and painted with pinks and yellows and greens – it was like nothing I had ever seen at a wedding before. Ever! I am afraid that my daughter will now think that every wedding should have an elephant, and well, who can blame her???

And there was joy – lots of it. And I truly hope that the joy continues.

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