Morning Showers

There are those days when it all seems to start coming together. It is remarkable really when it happens. Maybe it takes place over weeks, months, or even years. But then suddenly on a single day – even a moment of that day – it seems to make sense.

For me it was a rainy Friday morning in Abu Dhabi. Yes, you read correctly. RAINY in Abu Dhabi. In the 18 months that we have lived here, I have never put those two words together. Rain is something that I have missed desperately. The sound of it, the fresh smell of earth following the opening of the skies, the clean air after a good rain shower… none of these things have happened since we moved to the UAE. But on the very last day of November it rained. Not just a sprinkle, not just a morning shower, but three days of rain.

The rain on the desert, the break from the constant dust and heat, the settling of the dust all made for a fresh start. For the first time since we moved here living in Arabia starting to feel like home. We sat and watched the falcon competitions on the UAE’s 41st National Day Weekend. And as the country celebrated 41 years, and I eased into my third week of turning 40, and the rain fell softly onto the desert sand, I knew that good things were coming our way.

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