Return to me

I cannot believe that it has been almost three years since I last posted – three whole years. And this means that we have been living in Abu Dhabi for almost five years. The times has gone so very quickly, and at times it seems that it passes a little too quickly.

The past two and a half years have been filled with the most incredible highs and lows we have probably ever experienced, and it probably explains my absence from writing. In fall 2013 we welcomed our first child. Our life has never been more full (and more hectic). Instead of taking time out of the day to write about our adventures my time has been spent living the adventures in real time or sleeping (or cleaning or working, or, or, or…). My new title of “mother” is an honor, and I could not be happier to carry it along with the other bits and pieces that come together to form my identity. However with the title came a bit of loss – it was not intentional and there is no one to blame but me – but there was loss nonetheless.

You see between work and home and everything in between I keep telling myself that I did not have the energy to do anything else. I lost a bit of who I was before becoming a mother. Slowly over the past two years I have started to come back to where I was. I know that it will never be exactly how it was, but there are bits and pieces that can come back. I can be better at connecting with family and friends, I can spend more time writing, I can share my favorite recipes with my daughter and hope that she also loves spending time in the kitchen as much as I do. I can, after all is said and done, return to me.

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