Road to Nowhere

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we started driving. Rumors were that driving around here was a bit crazy – however we were coming from Boston, and anyone who has driven there knows exactly what I am talking about. We chose to take the road on Friday morning – the quietest time to drive. No one is out – the people who sweep the sand off of the roads are around, but that is about it.

On this particular morning however, the sky was filled with dust – a layer that had come up from the desert and made driving a surreal experience. We were certainly assured when the sign let us know that a road ahead was closed. As if the barriers, the lack of road, and the built up sand weren’t enough of an indication that people probably shouldn’t be headed in that particular direction…

Instead of houses and developments, dust lay ahead for as far as we could see…
Dr. H stood on the look-out for anything else that might have come along on the horizon.

It certainly made for an appropriate introduction to the Gulf.

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