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Running away from it all

There were quiet whisper in late January about what was happening in China. In fact I remember talking about it with my husband when we were on our Christmas holiday. It was all very quiet. There was a sickness in China. And it started small. Then it got a little bigger. But it was in China. And we were not in China. We were in Austria when we first heard about it.

In late January the virus slowly crept closer. There were more discussions about it at work. It started to affect travel and it made its way into the Lunar New Year. 🧧 At that time people still compared it to the seasonal flu, and dismissed it. But then it kept coming. It kept growing, like a snowball rolling down a hill and gaining strength… the numbers grew, and then stories came out of China, and they slowly crossed city lines, country borders and oceans.

There are days when we laugh and play and hold each tighter, and it feels like some of the most incredible moments of my life. There are other moments when I literally sink down to the floor with my back sliding down the wall and crumple up into a puddle of tears, because how can I possibly keep my daughter in one piece if I cannot even begin to hold myself together? I am supposed to be holding it all together at work, at home, and for my family. But it just simply does not work all the time. It works sometimes on some days.

This weekend I was supposed to have a sleepover party with my daughter. We were going to have dinner in front of the TV, and play games, and put on temporary tattoos, and sit on the balcony and go stargazing, and tell scary stories. But it didn’t happen because work got in the way. There are no boundaries anymore in this working from home life. I do

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