Stormy Weather

It started with a cockroach, on the floor, in the kitchen, while we were eating dinner and watching “Top Chef”. When exactly to remove the cockroach from the kitchen (immediately, or after dinner since I managed to kill it with lethal doses of bug spray) caused a bit of discussion. It did not set a great tone for the rest of the weekend.

Friday morning (our first day of the weekend) I opened the TV room sliding glass door to let in some freeze air. A cool breeze came into the room and the bright orange curtain fluttered in the wind. We both got ready to go to work, which while not typical for a Friday we both had to do that day. I left first and while driving noticed the sand. Sure, there is sand everywhere one looks – we live in a desert, but it was being blown everywhere by the wind. It drifted across the roads and highways much like snow in a blizzard.

Great. The window was still open.

I sent a message to Dr. H asking him if he could close the window, however he did not get the message before he got into the office. During the time I was at work I kept thinking about the window and the sand, and the fact that we were having a dinner party for 10 people that evening.

Two hours later, when I started driving home it was clear that a sand storm had started. Visibility was greatly reduced. Dr. H sent me a message letting me know that the TV room was a bit of a mess.

The sandstorm came into our home… behind the TV, on the couch, in the pages of our books, on the Mohair blanket, the computer, the floors, the coffee table. EVERYWHERE.

We had another discussion. How to best clean up the sand.

Wet towels and then mop OR sweep, vacuum, and then mop.

The room looked as if someone empty a sandbox into it. The mop was out, the vacuum was out, wet dishtowels were out. Before moving to the Middle East I wanted to see a sandstorm. Since having moving here, I have seen more than 1/2 dozen. As exciting as they are on the outside, they simply create a mess.

Yes, the room got cleaned, and since I am sure you want to know, the cockroach was removed from the kitchen. The joys of desert living.

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