Sugar & Spice

There is beauty everywhere we look, but I most often find it when I look at the food and the scenery. Not the 5-star rated built up places, it is much more simple than that. It is found in the everyday things, that might go unseen by some.

We are living in a place where sweets are easy to find – and one of my favorite foods (dates) are always in abundance. Most recently were were treated to a box of dried fruit at a desert resort – perfectly sweetened, perfectly displayed. Almost too gorgeous to eat, but we got over that pretty quickly.

A trip to the grocery markets are not complete until you stop by the spices and dried legumes – it still amazes me that these kinds of things are just common, everyday products here and can be found in every market, from the corner shop to the hyper markets

and then there is always time to stop into a pastry shop for a quick sweet treat after all the shopping

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