Summer Cravings

Cravings… I think we have all had them at some point. Over the past few months I have tried very hard to keep mine under control. Unfortunately it does not always work. I keep joking that I am carbo-loading for a big race in the early fall, hence the abundance of bread in our kitchen. And bread always tastes better when it is accompanied by a fruity Spanish olive oil and some flaked sea salt… I suppose I could crave things that are worse?

But as the weeks and now months have progressed, my attention has turned to lighter fare. Perhaps it is because the outside temperatures have gone into the triple digits and the humidity is steadily increasing. The current craving is the pumpkin and feta salad at Jones the Grocer.

Arugula, roasted pumpkin, sundried tomatoes, and fresh feta crumbled on top make for a perfect summer meal. So perfect in fact that I order 2 (one without the cheese for good measure…) and settle in to pure unadulterated enjoyment. Oh, let’s hope things like this remain on the craving list. It will makes things so much easier after the big day!

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