Joy in Jaipur Part 2


The wedding – that was why we were in Jaipur. Our first morning in Jaipur started with cool fresh breezes and the sounds of birds, children playing, and traffic. We could hear a flute and came to realize that the hotel had a man playing the flute every morning for breakfast. As the trains rumbled overhead in the distance and the peacocks flaunted their feathers we prepared ourselves for the first event of the Indian wedding – the Mehendi Ceremony. As per the instructions I received we made sure not to arrive on time, and even though we were late, we were still early.

I knew that the ceremony involved henna being applied to hands – and even the littlest of hands…



and this was to be a co-ed event, but I had no idea that we were going to see such amazing colors and dancing…



and smiles brighter than the colors of the sarees…


a puppet show, yes, a puppet show…


We danced, we laughed, and our hearts were filled with joy for the families involved. It was an extraordinary experience, which was only the beginning of what was to come.

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