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Originally from Rhode Island, USA I have spent a great deal of my grown up life in Boston, MA, USA working in academics. That being said, I managed to live and work in several different countries along the way. I now live in the United Arab Emirates with my family, and when I am not in the office (be it in person or virtual!) I am in the midst of planning recipes, dreaming up our next adventure somewhere out there in the world, or figuring out how to parent. I realized very early on that good quality dark chocolate fixes almost all problems, complaining doesn’t really solve any problems, and the world is a better place when you surround yourself with amazing people.

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  • Gela
    January 6, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Lily, how did I not know of your wonderful blog!! I love everything about it. You are so inspiring! So excited to follow all of your adventures. :)


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