Coffee & Donuts

I just finished working out the other morning, and Dr. H came downstairs.

“What is that donut place near us?”

“Um, I think there is a Tim Hortons at the other end of Khalifa City.”


“You know – near the grocery store that is still not opened – the one that has been not opened since we moved here in July?”

“Oh yeah. What time does it open?”

“Um, 8:00?”


And off he went. To get donuts for people at work. It ended up being a Krispy Creme branch, and unlike places in the USA – coffee shops to not open in the early morning hours, and as we soon found out, they are also not always reliable. Here is Dr. H’s first hand account of his donut experience…

“I tried to get Krispy Kreme donuts from a new shop near the house. I, of course, rightly decided not to get there before 8:00 am as nothing is open before then. I pull up and go in, look around, and there are no donuts.

Me: are you open?

Girl:Yes, but only for coffee.

Me: what about the donuts?

Girl: They don’t come till 9:00 am.

Me: But don’t you sell donuts?

Girl: Not until 9:00 am.

Me: Then why are you open?

Girl: you can get coffee.

Me: But you sell donuts and I wanted donuts.

Girl: Sir, donuts no come til 9:00 am.

Me: Ok.

Girl: Ok.

I turned and left at 8:05 without donuts …”

I would have been surprised almost anywhere else. But nope, not so much where we are now. I mean as the girl said, you can get coffee…

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  • kyram16
    February 27, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    unfortunately, tim horton’s (at mushref mall) is the same though 🙁 no donuts till 9am.


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