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Colors of Kathmandu

Traveling. It is one of the things that is so wonderful about living in the UAE. We suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a whole new world. Places that seemed like remote possibilities or not even possible are suddenly within reach. Asia and Africa are places we can almost reach are arms out to and touch. Borders and are something to look forward to, and not debate in a political forum. We recently made a last-minute decision to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal. Upon arrival we discovered that Nepal is so much more than that famous mountain range.

We left the beiges and browns of the Middle East for a world of colors, which seemed to find us everywhere we went. The word “Namaste” which has always brought a sense of calm and well-being to me when it is spoken before, during, and after yoga took on a whole new meaning, as it is a daily greeting in Nepal, and one that is spoken with intention.

Beauty is found wherever you want to see it in Kathmandu

The same could be said for peace and solace

and wisdom that can only be gained by time

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