The end of a journey home

The hardest part is the end. It is knowing that we only have a few days left, and we are about to start saying our goodbyes. There is never enough time or an appropriate way to say goodbye. It never ends well. There are always tears and the sickening feeling that you might not see some people again. That is is a very real fear. And then you realize it is real. Saying goodbye sometimes means forever. Sometimes the hug that you give to a friend, a loved one will be the last one you give, only you have no way of knowing that. No way at all.

No matter how wonderful our trips to some of the most exotic places imaginable are, there are places rarely as comforting – an embrace from an old friend, a walk down a familiar street, a smell of the brisk winter air as the snow begins to fall. And then it ends as we slowly pack our bags and return to Abu Dhabi. Back to the place we call home for now, and the place we have have and will continue to create amazing memories, but it is somehow not the same. This most recent trip home had too many tears and goodbyes – some of which were forever. Living abroad has given us some of the most incredible experiences imaginable, however the loses have been great. They have been overwhelming, and being away from loved ones at times if the greatest lose of all.


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