The grass is always greener

As wonderful as Abu Dhabi is, it is not green. Yes, there are palm trees everywhere, and often you will see beautiful parks filled with grass. There is also grass that runs along some of the larger roads. But I would never describe this area as lush. We have had endless day and nights of dust and sand. The little tiny particles fill the air, cloud the sky, and manage to creep into parts of your home you never knew you had. In all my life I never thought I would “water” our front porch to keep the sand off. Unfortunately, it is clean for only a few hours before the strong winds from the Empty Quarter blow the sand back. Aside from the vast deserts are mountains, but alas, the color remains neutral.

So it is no surprise that we were beyond thrilled to finally have our holiday to Sri Lanka upon us. A tea plantation on the island to be exact. I desperately wanted rain during the trip, but the only drops that fell from the sky were late one night while we were fast asleep. Rain aside, it was an extraordinary holiday – a place full of peace

full of natural beauty

full of colors

full of happiness and smiles

full of ancient traditions

and of course, full of greenery – more than I could have possible imagined

it is easy to see just how green the grass is in Sri Lanka. A beautiful place to which we will soon return…

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